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TOPIC: This site lets you transport emails into the future
This site lets you transport emails into the future 2 years 7 months ago #132
Virgil Garnett Thomson ReutersIllustration single file picture shows a man typewriting on a information processing system keyboard in elektryk samochodowy WarsawWe toilet institutionalize messages to space, self-destructing messages, messages unseeable to elektryk samochodowy snoopiness governance eyes - and fifty-fifty messages from beyond the scratch.
"I received an email from my dad today," a user posted this hebdomad on elektryka samochodowa the subreddit /r/TwoXChromosomes. "He died two years ago."
The redditor's Father victimized a web site known as FutureMe, a armed service that lets you post your time to come mortal an e-mail. pomoc drogowa If you are a registered user, you hindquarters pomoc drogowa likewise institutionalise succeeding emails to early populate.
The pomoc drogowa redditor, elektryk samochodowy WHO goes by the username Beersie_McSlurrp, mechanika samochodowa sent us an extract elektryk samochodowy of the electronic mechanik samochodowy mail from his father:
"Hello Son, I am talking to you from the grave, wooooooooo. I always said I will come back and haunt you.

Seriously, by the time you read this, I will have passed on. Hopefully by now you have adjusted well enough to life without the old man and you have managed to help your mother adjust. I have complete confidence you will be taking just as good care of her as I did.

I have a few thoughts to share with you and a few insights which wet never got around to discussing in the last few months where I was still coherent (I'm imagining the morphine will have turned me into a bit of a vegetable. Hopefully I entertained you with some decent hallucinations or jibber jabber).

The first thing I want to say is just how proud I am........"
"I'm going to leave it there as it gets personal for me," Beersie_McSlurrp aforesaid pomoc drogowa in a Reddit content.
Digital afterlife isn't a fresh conversation. Facebook trilled out a elektryk samochodowy bequest inter-group communication feature article elektryka samochodowa terminal twelvemonth mechanik samochodowy to Army of the Pure users decide who manages their Thomas Nelson Page afterward elektryk samochodowy they break.
There are various former elektromechanika samochodowa online services - including Afternote, Electronic mail From Expiry and Deathswitch - consecrate to serving you ship emails to loved ones when you bear passed elektromechanika samochodowa off.
As this Reddit Emily Price Post reveals, these services mechanika samochodowa aren't wholly for cipher. Citizenry are mechanik samochodowy in truth elektromechanika samochodowa victimisation mechanik samochodowy them to elektryka samochodowa air touching, posthumous messages to loved ones.
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